Life is not a question of “OR”. It is a statement of “AND"!
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Someone We Both Know Thought We Should Talk! Why?
Hi there! I'm Victoria Fellowes. I guide people in creating a career they love, by uncovering exactly what it is that will make them jump out of bed and smile on a Monday morning!

Perhaps you're feeling unsatisfied, disengaged, invisible or unconfident with your life right now, or maybe, you're looking to get your mojo back? Whatever your situation, I can help you revitalise your life & career!
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You Can Try It Alone, Or We Can Succeed Together!
My job is simple and rewarding, and I want the same for you too. You no longer have to dread Mondays... It IS possible to look forward to each new working week! 

I help my clients to work out where they really want to go, and we then build a blueprint to get them there without any compromises.
Fall In Love With Mondays Again!
The greatest growth comes from a combination of strategy planning, open communication & inspired action, and with StrideForth, you can be sure we are committed to your success...
Why People Trust Me To Get Them On The Right Track...

From no interviews to employed!

"After struggling for 3 months to find work, Victoria's support enabled me to find work within two weeks of our first meeting." 
- LM (Accountancy)

Negotiated a pay rise!

"3 months after working with Victoria I was considering 3 different positions that were all a considerable increase on my salary at the time. I ended up taking a promotion internally at a far higher level than I ever thought possible." 
- LG (Healthcare)

Shortlisted From Over 20,000 Applicants

"Victoria was a real godsend: calm and professional who also gave honest and hard-hitting advice that others would shy away from. She gave a piercing evaluation that hit on some serious points, took me through the interview step by step and really grilled me! It was invaluable to my resultant success - there is no way I could have passed that interview without her help." 
- PA (Central Government)

Successful Industry Change

"Victoria helped me change career from an elite sportsman to a Chartered Surveyor. Her approach got me more interviews and interest and I had 3 interviews and 3 offers before finding the perfect role for me." 
- JR (Property)
We'll Be A Great Fit If:
 You want to finally secure that promotion you've been dreaming of...
 You want to discover your true potential and consistently perform at your peak...
 You want to transition into a different industry & ensure you have a successful second career...
 You want to stop being invisible and start being seen and heard...
 You want to meet with a likeminded individual who will give you the roadmap to your goals...
 You want to find the talent inside your company and have them ready to step up!
Experience Results Just Like These!
Go to work with a renewed sense of passion for what you do...
Who Is Victoria Fellowes?
Victoria Fellowes is a Certified Professional Coach working with individuals across a range of career concerns including industry change, CV optimisation, career stagnation, promotion, confidence and mindset, professional anxiety, salary negotiation, interview techniques and those returning to work after parental leave. I have also helped those who have been ‘lost in the wilderness’ to identify their path and get them back on track.
"Life is not a question of “OR”. It is a statement of “AND”… 

I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend, global citizen, ex-headhunter, daredevil, street art fanatic, lover of ancient history AND a professional coach with my company, StrideForth. I am also a contributor to the book 'Mumpreneurs: How to Juggle the Struggle' by Labosshy Mayooran, which was published in 2017.

For me, a day that is won is one where I have progressed forward in all my various guises. The core values upon which I have established my business are Honesty, Value, Authenticity, Partnership & Discretion, and I work with these in mind every single day. 

"My goal is to help you to find your feet and your unique voice, so that you can go on to become your best-ever natural self. Live an integrated life that is healthy, fulfilling and balanced."
You CAN Have It All... Why Wait?
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